Investigation of Different Validation Parameters of Micro Gas Turbine for Range Extender Electric Truck


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Nowadays the demand for reducing pollutant emissions and fuel consumption have paved the way of developing more fuel-efficient power generation system for transportation sector. Micro gas turbine (MGT) system can be an alternative to internal combustion reciprocating engine due to its light-weight and less fuel consumption. In this paper, some major running and operating characteristics of MGT are evaluated for the validation of the system for range extender electric truck. First noise characteristic of the system are investigated, then performance at high ambient temperature and variation of electrical output with and without the use of air filtration are investigated. The noise characteristics of MGT are different from diesel engine. At lower rpm and lower operating temperature, the electrical output of the system increases rapidly. All the found results are either compared with other systems or validated by comparing with the data provided by the manufacturer where necessary. The emission characteristics of MGT are different from other reciprocating engines. With the increase of power output the emissions of MGT reduces significantly. Finally, some noise reduction methods are recommended.