Extraction of Acetaminophen from Aqueous Solution by Emulsion Liquid Membrane Using Taylor-Couette Column


1 ChE, USM

2 ChE, UiTM


A study on the extraction of Acetaminophen (ACTP) which is also known as paracetamol, from aqueous solution by emulsion liquid membrane process using Taylor-Couette Column (TCC) was investigated. An ELM consists of three phase system which are the external, membrane and internal phases. The external phase containing the ACTP aqueous solution to be treated. Basically, the internal and membrane phase form the primary water-in-oil (W/O) emulsion using ultrasonic probe which is to be dispersed in the external phase. In this work, Trioctylamine (TOA), Span 80 and kerosene were used as carrier, surfactant and diluent, respectively in membrane phase. Meanwhile ammonia solution was used as a stripping agent in the internal phase. The influence of several operating conditions such as surfactant and carrier concentration, ultrasonic power, emulsification time, treat ratio, stirring time and stirring speed were investigated. The results showed that the present work proved that the ELM using TCC system was capable to effectively remove about 85 % ACTP from aqueous solutions under optimum conditions of 15 minutes of emulsification time, 6 wt.% of Trioctylamine and Span 80, 20 W power of ultrasonic probe, 5 minutes of extraction time, frequency angular ratio of 1.0 and treat ratio of 3:1.