Using the Genetic Algorithm based on the Riedel Equation to Predict the Vapor Pressure of Organic Compounds


Chemical Engineering, Babol Noshirvani University of Technology


In this paper, a genetic algorithm (GA) has been used to predict the vapor pressure of pure organic compounds based on Riedel equation. Initially, the coefficients of Riedel equation were optimized. Then, a new term was added to the original Riedel equation to reduce error of the model in prediction of vapor pressures of pure materials. 110 components at two different pressures (10 and 100 kPa) were chosen to investigate the capability of mentioned models. Absolute average relative deviation percent (AARD %) was reported for 40 components as testing materials to compare the calculated results of two models with experimental data. Results showed that the exerted modification on Riedel equation decreases the errors in prediction of vapor pressures of chemical components.