Thermal Performance of Jet Impingement with Spent Flow Management


Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Sultan Qaboos University


The present study proposes novel micro-jet impingement heat sink with effusion holes for flow extraction. The design consists of impingement nozzles surrounded by multiple effusion holes to take away the spent fluid. A three-dimensional numerical model is used for steady, incompressible, laminar flow and conjugate heat transfer for the performance analysis of the proposed design. The computational domain is defined by applying symmetric boundary conditions around a unit cell of the jet impingements and effusion holes. The effect of several design parameters, viz., jet diameter, effusion-hole diameter, stand-off and the jet-to-effusion pitch is investigated. A higher standoff-to-jet diameter ratio exhibited lower thermal resistance whereas lower standoff-to-jet diameter ratio exhibited lower pressure-drop. Smaller jet-to-effusion hole spacing resulted in minimum temperature-rise along with maximum total pressure-drop and heat transfer coefficients.