Improved Adaptive Median Filter Algorithm for Removing Impulse Noise from Grayscale Images


1 Department of Electronic Engineering, Shandong University

2 Department of Computer, Shandong University


Digital image is often degraded by many kinds of noise during the process of acquisition and transmission. To make subsequent processing more convenient, it is necessary to decrease the effect of noise. There are many kinds of noises in image, which mainly include salt and pepper noise and Gaussian noise. This paper focuses on median filters to remove the salt and pepper noise. After summarizing the main disadvantages of the conventional median filters, this paper proposes a new kind of median filter algorithm based on the detection of impulse noise points. The performance of the proposed algorithm is compared with the conventional standard median filter (SMF), extremum median filter (EMF), and adaptive median filter (AMF). Experimental results under various noise intensities show that the proposed method has better denoising performance and detail preservation compared with the other denoising methods.