An Integrated Approach for Collection Center Selection in Reverse Logistics


1 Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Science and Technology of Mazandara

2 Industrial engineering, University of Science and Technology of Mazandaran


In this paper, a hybrid multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM)-method and mixed integer linear programming (MILP) approach in order to evaluation of the returned products' collectors along with their ordered quantities, is utilized. Firstly, the most important criteria of collection center in the car industry are identified. Then, in order to evaluate these proposed criteria, a hybrid Fuzzy Decision-Making Trial And Evaluation Laboratory (FDEMATEL)- evaluation of mixed qualitative and quantitative data (EVAMIX) approach is applied. By this method, the most important criteria and their weights along with collection centers' score are determined. In addition, an MILP mathematical model is proposed for selection of the best collection center and computation of ordering quantities. An efficient approach for collection center selection and a novel application of combined FDEMATEL, EVAMIX, and MILP model can be considered as the main contributions of this paper. It should be noted that, to measure the performance of this method a recycling company as a case study in Iran has considered which of this firm collects effete tire and ball bearings of cars. Implementation of this case study can be considered as the other contributions of this paper. At last, with help of obtained results the proper collection center and their ordered quantities are computed. In addition, for measure efficiency of the proposed model, some numerical example, in various dimensions is considered. Moreover, the managers of this industry with the help of a simple methodology can choose the appropriate suppliers.