Multi-criteria Decision Making Approach: selection of Blanking Die Material (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Baroda(Guj)

2 Mechanical Engineering, Government Engineering College, Patan


Proper selection of material in manufacturing firms is a vital role of designer depending upon the different era of application. The material selection problem is very complex and challenging task today. Erroneous cull of material frequently leads to astronomically immense cost involution, and finally drives towards unfortunate component or product breakdown. Thus, the designer necessitates discovering and culling the felicitous materials with concrete functionalities in order to obtain the desired output with least cost involution and definite applicability. It is an intension for simple, logical and rational methods or statistical implements to direct decision makers while considering number of cull attributes and their interrelations. This paper introduce a way to work out the material selection problem by one of the most Multi-Criteria decision making (MCDM) approaches in which ranking of the best material is computed using the multi-objective optimization on the basis of ratio analysis (MOORA) method.