Simulation of Strap-On Boosters Separation in the Atmosphere


1 , Shahid Beheshti University

2 Department of Aerospace Engineering, Amirkabir University


A numerical dynamic-aerodynamic interface for simulating the separation dy­n­a­m­ic­s of co­n­­s­t­r­a­i­ned strap-on boosters jettisoned in the atmosphere is presented. A 6-DOF multi body dynamic solver ،using Constraint For­ce Equation Methodology is coupled with a numerical time dependent Euler flow solver. An automatic dyna­m­i­­c mesh updating proc­e­d­ure is employed using smoothing and local remeshing technique in respect of  bodies motion during separation. This interface can simulate multi body se­p­a­r­a­tion problems such as strap-on boosters separation as a result of full separation mechanisms like springs, thrusters, joints and so on, interaction with aerodynamic effects .The flow solver is validated by the Titan-IV launch vehicle experimental data. The full separation integration is used for a typical launch vehicle with two strap-on boosters using spring ejector mech­an­ism and sp­h­e­r­i­c­al constraint joints acting in the dense atmosphere. Hence the aim of presented interface is to facilitate integration of complicated separation mechanisms simulation with a full numerical CFD aerody­n­a­m­ic solver.