Spherical Oil Agglomeration (SOA)/ Colloidal Gas Aphrons (CGA) Flotation


mining, imam khomeni international university


The main aim of this experimental work was to develop a separation process using micro- bubbles less than 100 µm in diameter. Micro-agglomerates were produced using 10kg crude oil/tone feed coal treated compared to 250 kg/tone feed coal treated for conventional spherical oil agglomeration. These micro-agglomerates were separated from the unagglomerated minerals by micro-bubble flotation. Colloidal Gas Aphrons, CGA, were produced by using various surfactants. Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) surfactant was chosen for the production of CGA because it is thought that its anionic character would depress the flotation of the mineral particles. The combination of micro-agglomeration followed by "Dry CGA" flotation was an effective process in coal de-mineralisation under laboratory conditions. All the particles were-45 µm in size.