Introducing a New Method for Tracking and Transmitting Maximum Power of a Wind Power Plant to the Grid During Wind Shortages

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Electrical Engineering, Mahdishahr Branch, Islamic Azad University, Mahdishahr, Iran


The present paper proposes a novel vector control based method to connect a wind plant equipped with a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator to the grid. It also provides separate control capacity of injection power to the grid under wind shortages in addition to optimum performance in normal climatic conditions. The mathematical modeling of converters of the grid and rotor side is presented, which provides such a control tool. The idea of using an energy storage system has been presented to reduce power swings of the wind plant to grid in the dc-link of back-to-back converter of the rotor side. In order to achieve an optimal control system, the strategy of maximum wind power tracking and unit power factor of the wind farm are included in the control system. However, the power exchange strategy with the unit power factor is related to the type of operation of the grid, and reactive injection power can also be controlled when needed. Finally, a simulation of the studied system and the proposed control system in the SIMULINK environment of MATLAB software is presented, which provides a powerful tool for these types of systems. The results obtained from the conducted studies on a sample system demonstrate the efficiency and accuracy of the proposed method.