Volume & Issue: Volume 30, Issue 5, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, May 2017 
2. Eco-friendly Blocks by Blended Materials

Pages 636-642

V. Sai Giridhar Reddy; V. Ranga Rao

3. A Document Weighted Approach for Gender and Age Prediction Based on Term Weight Measure

Pages 643-651

T. Raghunadha Reddy; B. Vishnu Vardhan; P. Vijayapal Reddy

7. Investigation of Charged Particles Radiation Moving in a Homogeneous Dispersive Medium (TECHNICAL NOTE)

Pages 678-683

A. Dehzangi; A. R. Ghaffari; S. Kakooei; M. Ghasemi; F. Saadati; H. Soleimani

8. Aniline Degradation Using Advanced Oxidation Process by UV/Peroxy Disulfate from Aqueous Solution

Pages 684-690

J. Mohamadiyan; G. Shams- khoramabadi; S. A. Mousavi; B. Kamarehie; Y. Dadban Shahamat; H. Godini

16. Developing a New Algorithm for a Utility-based Network Design Problem with Elastic Demand

Pages 758-767

S. Javanmardi; H. Hosseini-nasab; A. Mostafaeipour; M. Fakhrzad; H. Khademizare