Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 5, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, May 2015 
2. Characterization of Polypyrrole-hydroxyethylcellulose/TiO2 Nanocomposite: Thermal Properties and AFM Analysis

Pages 654-661

mahmoud Roushani; marzie Kolbadi nezhad; Zahra Tagipour kolaei; marjan tanzifi

4. Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on Shear Strengthening of RC Precraced Continuous T-beams Using CFRP Strips

Pages 671-676

noridh mohamed; Blkasem Elrawaff; Abdul Aziz Abdul Samad; Marwan Alferjani

17. Technical Analysis of Conversion of A Steam Power Plant to Combined Cycle, Using Two Types of Heavy Duty Gas Turbines

Pages 781-793

Sadegh Nikbakht Naser Abad; kamran Mobini; Abdollah Mehrpanahi; Mohammad Reza Ali Goodarz

20. Thermal Simulation of Solidification Process in Continuous Casting

Pages 812-821

Hamed Hosseinzadeh; Ali Jabari Moghadam