Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 12, TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects, December 2013 
3. Investigation of Air Turbulence Intensity Effect on the Flame Structure in Different Flame Holder Geometry

Pages 1423-1432

Kiumars Mazaheri Body; Najmeh Hajialigol; Seyed Abdolmehdi Hashemi

11. Thermo-Elastic Damping in Nano-beam Resonators Based on Nonlocal Theory

Pages 1505-1514

ali khanchehgardan; Ali Shah-Mohammadi-Azar; Ghader rezazadeh; rasoul shabani

12. Mechanical Response of a Piezoelectrically Sandwiched Nano-Beam Based on the Non-Local Theory

Pages 1515-1524

Ghader rezazadeh; ali khanchehgardan; Ali Shah-Mohammadi-Azar; rasoul shabani

13. Numerical and Analytical Investigation in Radiated Noise by a Shock-Absorber

Pages 1525-1534

Mehrdad Poursina; Hamid Beheshti; Kamran Mehrabi