Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 9, TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects, September 2013 
Monitoring and Change Point Estimation of AR(1) Autocorrelated Polynomial Profiles

Pages 933-942

Majid Khedmati; Mir Emad Soleymanian; Mehdi Keramatpour; S.T.A. Niaki

Simulation and Experiment on Conveying Device of Cutting System of Small Sugarcane Harvester (RESEARCH NOTE)

Pages 975-984

Jianli Gao; Xiaomo Yu; Zhonghua Shen; Shangpin LI; Fanglan Ma; Binxing Yang

Comparing Three Proposed Meta-heuristics to Solve a New p-hub Location-allocation Problem

Pages 1043-1058

Armand Baboli; Ali Ghodratnama; Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam