Volume & Issue: Volume 26, Issue 11, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, November 2013 
3. Object Recognition based on Local Steering Kernel and SVM

Pages 1281-1288

Ramar Ahila Priyadharshini; Selvaraj Arivazhagan

8. Modeling of capacitance and sensitivity of a MEMS pressure sensor

Pages 1331-1336

Mojtaba Shams Nateri; bahram azizollah Ganji

9. A New Design of Dual Band Phase Shifter using MEMS Technology

Pages 1337-1346

Alieh Razeghi; bahram azizollah Ganji

10. Real Time Implementation of a License Plate Location Recognition System Based on Adaptive Morphology

Pages 1347-1356

Omid Sharifi Tehrani; Navid DaneshmandPour; Mohsen Ashourian; Payman Moallem