Volume & Issue: Volume 36, Issue 9, TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects, September 2023, Pages 1589-1719 
Standards for Selection of Surfactant Compositions used in Completion and Stimulation Fluids

Pages 1605-1610

D. G. Petrakov; A. V. Loseva; N. T. Alikhanov; H. Jafarpour

Performance Analysis of High-K Dielectric Heterojunction High Electron Mobility Transistor for RF Applications

Pages 1652-1658

E. Radhamma; D. Vemana Chary; A. Krishnamurthy; D. Venkatarami Reddy; D. Sreenivasa Rao; Y. Gowthami; B. Balaji

Design of a Circular Patch Antenna with Parasitic Elements for 5G Applications

Pages 1686-1694

S. Lamultree; M. Phalla; P. Kunkritthanachai; C. Phongcharoenpanich