Volume & Issue: Volume 35, Issue 12, TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects, December 2022, Pages 2275-2402 
Thermal Analysis of Fluid Flow with Heat Generation for Different Logarithmic Surfaces

Pages 2291-2296

B. Jalili; A. Mousavi; P. Jalili; A. Shateri; D. Domiri Ganji

Stern Flap Application on Planing Hulls to Improve Resistance

Pages 2313-2320

U. Budiarto; S. Samuel; A. A. Wijaya; S. Yulianti; K. Kiryanto; M. Iqbal

Factors Affecting the Cathode Edge Nodulation in Copper Electrorefining Process

Pages 2370-2376

A. Ahmadi; S. Sheibani; M. Mokmeli; S. M. J. Khorasani; N. S. Yaghoobi