Volume & Issue: Volume 35, Issue 3, TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects, March 2022, Pages 493-612 
A New Method for Open Government using of Information Technology

Pages 493-501

H. Hamidi; A. Moradi Abadi; S. A. Amin Mousavi

Sugarcane Molasses as a Cost-effective Carbon Source on Arthrospira maxima Growth by Taguchi Technique

Pages 510-516

N. Mirhosseini; R. Davarnejad; A. Hallajisani; E. Cano-europa; O. Tavakoli

Experimental Investigation and Numerical Simulation of Air Circulation in a Non-AC Bus Coach System

Pages 572-579

S. J. Niranjana; S. S. Kubsad; S. Manjunatha; Y. Nagaraj; I. Bhavi; B. M. Angadi; A. J. Chamkha; M. B. Vanarotti

Study on Attapulgite as Drilling Fluid Clay Additive in Persian Gulf Seawater

Pages 587-595

M. A. Choupani; S. S. Tabatabaee Moradi; S. A. Tabatabaei Nejad