Volume & Issue: Volume 35, Issue 2, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, February 2022, Pages 258-492 
Numerical Study of Water-air Ejector using Mixture and Two-phase Models

Pages 307-318

M. R. Assari; H. Basirat Tabrizi; A. Jafar Gholi Beik; K. Shamesri

An Experimental Investigation on Durability Properties of Reactive Powder Concrete

Pages 327-336

A. A. Dhundasi; R. B. Khadiranaikar; A. A. Momin; K. Motagi

Performance of Prefabricated Foam Concrete as Infilled Wall Under Cyclic Lateral Loading

Pages 337-343

M. Mansyur; M. W. Tjaronge; R. Irmawaty; A. Arwin Amiruddin

Design of Soil Remediation Techniques from Column Leaching Test Results

Pages 344-350

J. Sumalatha; C. L. Mahesh Kumar; S. Prashant; K. G. Shwetha

Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Sunflower Oil Transesterification using Ca-K/Al2O3 Nanocatalysts

Pages 351-359

P. Andami; A. A. Zinatizadeh; M. Feyzi; H. Zangeneh; S. Azizi; L. Norouzi; M. Maaza

Election Prediction Based on Sentiment Analysis using Twitter Data

Pages 372-379

A. Yavari; H. Hassanpour; B. Rahimpour Cami; M. Mahdavi

Numerical Study of Shunting Effect in Three-steel Sheets Resistance Spot Welding

Pages 406-416

K. Reza Kashyzadeh; G. H. Farrahi; M. Minaei; R. Masajedi; M. Gholamnia; M. Shademani