Volume & Issue: Volume 35, Issue 1, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, January 2022, Pages 1-257 
4. Experimental and Numerical Study on a New Double-walled Tuned Liquid Damper

Pages 29-44

V. R. Meshkat Rouhani; G. Zamani Ahari; H. Saeedmonir

9. Precast Concrete Column Beam Connection Using Dowels Due to Cyclic Load

Pages 102-111

H. A. Tumengkol; R. Irmawaty; H. Parung; A Amiruddin

12. Fuzzy Centralized Coordinate Learning and Hybrid Loss for Human Activity Recognition

Pages 130-141

M. Bourjandi; M. Yadollahzadeh Tabari; M. Golsorkhtabaramiri

16. Stress-Strain Characteristics of Reactive Powder Concrete Under Cyclic Loading

Pages 172-183

A. A. Dhundasi; R. B. Khadirnaikar; A. I. A. Momin

19. Studies on Contaminated Mine Soil and Its Remediation Using Soil Washing Technique - A Case Study on Soil at Kolar Gold Fields

Pages 201-212

Sumalatha J; M. Kumar C. L.; Shwetha K. G.; P. Sunagar; E. Noroozinejad Farsangi

21. Preparation of Porous Alumina/Nano-Nickel Composite by Gel Casting and Carbothermic Reduction

Pages 220-227

Z. Hosseini; S. Mollazadeh Beidokhti; J. Vahdati khaki; M. Pourabdoli

22. Theoretical Analysis on the Behavior of Reinforced Industrial Shed Structures with Shape Memory Alloys

Pages 228-236

H. Hosseinnejad; M. A. Lotfollahi -Yaghin; Y. Hosseinzadeh; A. Maleki

23. Effect of Steps Height and Glass Cover Angle on Heat Transfer Performance for Solar Distillation: Numerical Study

Pages 237-247

M. R. Assari; R. Mirzavand; H. Basirat Tabrizi; A. R. Jafar Gholi Beik