Volume & Issue: Volume 34, Issue 11, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, November 2021 
1. Design and Optimization of Halbach Permanent Magnet Array with Rectangle Section and Trapezoid Section

Pages 2379-2386

N. Song; M. Zhu; G. Zhou; L. Guo; Y. Mu; J. Gao; J. Ma; K. Zhang

11. Probabilistic Seismic Assessment of Moment Resisting Steel Buildings Considering Soft-story and Torsional Irregularities

Pages 2476-2493

M. H. Razmkhah; H. Kouhestanian; J. Shafaei; H. Pahlavan; M. Shamekhi Amiri

14. Dry sliding behavior of carbon-based brake pad materials

Pages 2517-2524

U. V. Saindane; S. Soni; J. V. Menghani