Volume & Issue: Volume 33, Issue 5, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, May 2020, Pages 712-1047 
2. Effects of Brace-viscous Damper System on the Dynamic Response of Steel Frames

Pages 720-731

A. Pourzangbar; M. Vaezi; S. M. Mousavi; A. Saber

4. The Effect of Speed Humps on Highways Pavement Condition

Pages 737-743

J. T. S. Al-Obaedi; Z. A. Z. Al-Salihy; H. Ahmad Jasim

7. Lattice Boltzmann Method Application on Headwater at Lata Kinjang Waterfall, Malaysia

Pages 760-769

S. H. Shafiai; F. N. Sabri; A. Gohari; H. Liu; Y. J. Wei

17. Structural, Optical and Defect State Analyses of ZnO Nanoparticle Films

Pages 852-860

S. Y. Purwaningsih; M. Zainuri; T. Triwikantoro; S. Pratapa; D. Darminto

21. Residual Stresses Measurement in Hollow Samples Using Contour Method

Pages 885-893

A. H. Mahmoudi; D. Yoosef-Zadeh; F. Hosseinzadeh

23. Investigation on Formability of Tailor-Welded Blanks in Incremental Forming

Pages 906-915

R. Panahi Leavoli; H. Gorji; M. Bakhshi-Jooybari; M. J. Mirnia

25. Centralized Path Planning for Multi-aircraft in the Presence of Static and Moving Obstacles

Pages 923-933

M. M.irzaei Teshnizi; A. Kosari; S. Goliaei; S. Shakhesi

26. Effect of Carbonate Additives on Dynamic Filtration Index of Drilling Mud

Pages 934-939

E. Leusheva; V. Morenov; S. Tabatabaee Moradi

31. Gait Recognition based on Measurements of Moving Human Legs Angles

Pages 975-983

M. Shaban Al-Ani; M. Mohammadi; M. M. AlyanNezhadi