Volume & Issue: Volume 33, Issue 2, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, February 2020, Pages 178-365 
Waste Engine Oil Remediation Using Low Cost Natural Clay Absorbent Material

Pages 178-185

I. Shigidi; H. Osman; M. Eldirderi; M. Ilyas Khan; A. Elkhaleefa; D. Dhanapal; M. Al Mesfer

Seismic Response of Building Structures with Sliding Non-structural Elements

Pages 205-212

S. P. Challagulla; C. Parimi; S. C. Mohan; E. Noroozinejad Farsangi

Radar Absorption Performance of Fe3O4/AC/PANI Nanocomposites Prepared from Natural Iron Sand

Pages 304-313

A. Taufiq; R. Sutiami; S. U. I Subadra; A. Hidayat; M. Diantoro; S. Sunaryono; N. Hidayat; W. A. Adi

The Object Detection Efficiency in Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems

Pages 337-343

O. V. Chernoyarov; B. Dobrucky; V. A. Ivanov; A. N. Faulgaber