Volume & Issue: Volume 32, Issue 11, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, November 2019, Pages 1506-1695 
3. Recycling and Reuse of Organo-sulfur Compounds from Barrels of Natural Gas Contaminated with Mercaptan Odorant

Pages 1527-1533

Ghasem Najafpour Darzi; Moslem M. Lakouraj; Amin Heydari; Mona Rouhi; Alireza G. Hosseinzadeh; Fatemeh N. Babaei

5. Seismic Mitigation of Building Frames using Magnetorheological Damper (TECHNICAL NOTE)

Pages 1543-1547

C Daniel; G Hemalatha; L Sarala; D Tensing; S Sundar Manoharan

7. Experimental Investigation on Cyclic Behavior of Butterfly-shaped Links Steel Plate Shear Walls

Pages 1559-1569

Hadi Valizadeh; Hedayat Veladi; Bahman Farahmand Azar; Mohammad Reza Sheidaii

18. Energy and Exergy Evaluation of Multi-channel Photovoltaic/Thermal Hybrid System: Simulation and Experiment

Pages 1665-1680

Ali Hosseini Rad; H Ghadamian; Hamid Reza Haghgou; Faramarz Sarhadi