Volume & Issue: Volume 32, Issue 5, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, May 2019, Pages 628-798 
1. Biodegradation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls by and Isolated from Contaminated Soil

Pages 628-633

A. Samadi; H. Sharifi; Z. Ghobadi Nejad; S. Yaghmaei

3. Optical Analyzer for Continuous Monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen in Aviation Fuel and Other Non-aqueous Media

Pages 641-646

P. V. Melnikov; A. E. Kozhukhova; A. O. Naumova; N. A. Yashtulov; N. K. Zaitsev

21. Investigation of Thermal Operational Regimes for Diamond Bit Drilling Operations (TECHNICAL NOTE)

Pages 790-793

V. G. Gorelikov; Y. V. Lykov; L. K. Gorshkov; A. M. Uspechov