Volume & Issue: Volume 32, Issue 4, TRANSACTIONS A: Basics, April 2019 
Plant-Based Calcium Fructoborate as Boron-Carrying Nanoparticles for Neutron Cancer Therapy

Pages 460-466

F. Pirouz; G. Najafpour; M. Jahanshahia; M. Sharifzadeh Baei

Seismic Behavior of Asymmetric Two-Story X-braced Frames

Pages 495-502

S. S. Seyedjafari Olia; H. Saffari; A. Fakhraddini

Digital Binary Phase-shift Keyed Signal Detector

Pages 510-518

O. V. Chernoyarov; L. A. Golpaiegani; A. N. Glushkov; V. P. Lintvinenko; B. V. Matveev

Electrical and Mechanical Performance of Hybrid and Non-hybrid Composites

Pages 580-586

O. F. El-Menshawy; A. R. EL-Sissy; M. S. El-wazery; R. A. Elsad

Improvement of Die Corner Filling of Stepped Tubes Using Warm Hybrid Forming

Pages 587-595

A. Taheri Ahangar; M. Bakhshi-Jooybari; S. J. Hosseinipour; H. Gorji