Volume & Issue: Volume 32, Issue 2, TRANSACTIONS B: Applications, February 2019 
2. Fabrication of Nanoporous Functionalized Hydroxyapatite as High Performance Adsorbent for Acid Blue 25 Dye Removal

Pages 193-200

F. Darvishalipour; H. Ghafouri Taleghani; M. Ghorbani; H. Salimi Kenari

6. Enhancing Performance of Infill Masonry With Skin reinforcement Subjected To Cyclic Load

Pages 223-228

S. Vincent Sam Jebadurai; D. Tensing; C. Freeda Christy

10. Adaptive Image Dehazing via Improving Dark Channel Prior

Pages 249-255

F. Azari Nasrabad; H. Hassanpour; S. Asadi Amiri

11. Novel Unified Control Method of Induction and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Pages 256-269

M. Sahebjam; M. B. Bannae Sharifian; M. R. Feyzi; M. Sabahi

16. Metallurgical and Mechanical Behavior of AISI 316- AISI 304 during Friction Welding Process

Pages 306-312

A. Jabbar Hassan; T. Boukharouba; D. Miroud; S. Ramtani

18. Window Air Conditioner with Orthodox Refrigerants

Pages 322-327

S. P. Ebenezer; A. K. Pramanick; K. P. Ramachandran