Optimization of Centrifugal Casting Parameters of AlSi Alloy by using the Response Surface Methodology

Document Type : Original Article


Biomedical Engineering Department, University of Technology, Iraq


Centrifugal casting is one of the advanced casting branches widely used in the metallurgical industry in which the centrifugal force helps strengthen the workpiece material. The present work attempt to study the effect of the horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting parameters included the centrifugal mold rotation speeds and G-factors values on the quality of the product. The work has been completed with design and fabricated of a low cost horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting machine with the main accessories for producing a hypoeutectic aluminum silicone (AlSi) alloy (content 10 % Si) specimens. The experimental results were analyzed and improved by using the statistical computer program “Design Expert 11” and response surface methodology (RSM). The results showed that for vertical and horizontal casting processes, the finest surfaces quality was achieved when working at mold rotation speed from 520 to 690 and 950 to 1230 RPM, i.e., with an average value of the G-factor = 69 and 50, respectively. The proof stress values were increased with increasing the mold rotation speed up to (690 RPM) and (1230 RPM) or used the G- factor value of 87.99 and 60.96 gave an increase in proof stress by 6.7 and (20.62% for vertical and horizontal casting experiments compared with gravitational casting, respectively. The obtained tensile strengths values were improved by 38.6 and 45.41 %, compared with the gravitational casting, respectively; while the percentage elongations were reduced to 0.281and 0.291 %; which means decreased by 33.45 and 31.69 % for the vertical and horizontal centrifugal casting compared with the values obtained by gravitational casting experiments, respectively.


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