Modified L1 Adaptive Control Design for Satellite FMC Systems with Actuators Time Delay


Department of Aerospace Engineering, Malek-Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


A modified method for satellite attitude control system in presence of novel actuators is proposed in this paper. The attitude control system is composed of three fluidic momentum controller (FMC) actuators that are used to control Euler angles and their dynamics is considered in satellite attitude equations as well. L1 adaptive control is utilized for satellite three-axial stabilization. A significant characteristic of L1 adaptive control structure is that robustness is guaranteed in presence of fast adaptation. The main achievement of this controller is that the error norm is inversely proportional to the square root of adaptation gains. Therefore, large values of gains provides some advantages. The proposed L1 adaptive control is designed based on simplified attitude dynamic equations without satellite coupling effects, and then it is placed on coupled nonlinear equations. Next, the impact of available delay on FMC actuators is investigated. Simulation results suggest that the system remains stable with the assumption of actuators time delay, but it experiences some oscillations in Euler angles, control inputs and angular velocities. In order to solve this problem, a modified L1 adaptive control system including a predictive observer with high estimation speed is used. Finally, it is recognized that the available oscillations are reduced even when the actuator time delay increases and thus the control system’s performance improves.


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