Surface Energy and Elastic Medium Effects on Torsional Vibrational Behavior of Embedded Nanorods


School of Engineering, Damghan University, Damghan, Iran


In this paper surface energy and elastic medium effects on torsional vibrational behavior of nanorods are studied. The surface elasticity theory is used to consider the surface energy effects and the elastic medium is modeled as torsional springs attached to the nanorod. At the next step, Hamilton’s principle is utilized to derive governing equations and boundary conditions. Then, with the aid of an analytical method, natural frequencies are obtained and effects of various parameters on torsional frequencies are studied in details. It is concluded from the present study that the surface energy can make nanorods unstable depending on the nanorod dimension and frequency number. Results of the present study can be useful in design of nanoelectromechanical systems like drive shafts.


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