Parametric Study of Movement Path in Two-dimensional Wing Flow Separation: Experimental Investigation


Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Malek-Ashtar University Of Technology


The aim of this experimental study is two-dimensional investigation of cargo behavior after separation which is carried out in the subsonic wind tunnel. Given that the real separation occurs in three-dimension, the results of this study may be widely used in numerical aerodynamic studies for verification of new computational methods and they can be used as the reference results in this area. So a mechanism has been used which is simulated in two-dimensional physic with three degrees of freedom (x, y, θ) in the subsonic wind tunnel. A wing with NACA0012 airfoil as well as two circular disks at both ends (to simulate two-dimensional flow) have been utilized and separated from the upper surface of the test chamber. For parametric study, the tests have been experimented in the initial attack angles of -10 to +10 degrees with step of 5 degrees at velocity of 15 m/s and at velocities of 10, 15 and 20 m/s at zero degree initial angle of attack. Each test has been repeated 3 times and if there were any differences in the results, the number of repetitions have been increased. To extract the result, several cameras have been installed around the test chamber which take pictures with high-speed shooting. Then, using image processing techniques, x, y, and θ diagrams have been extracted over the time.