Fault Detection Method on a Compressor Rotor Using the Phase Variation of the Vibration Signal


1 Laboratoire de Mécanique, Université de Laghouat, Laghouat, Algérie

2 Laboratoire de Génie des Procèdes, Université de Laghouat, Algérie

3 Laboratoire de Impédance, Paris, France


The aim of this work is the application of the phase variation in vibration signal for fault detection on rotating machines. The vibration signal from the machine is modulated in amplitude and phase around a carrier frequency. The modulating signal in phase is determined after the Hilbert transform and is used, with the Fast Fourier Transform, to extract the harmonics spectrum in phase. This method is first validated on a simulator of vibration then used for detecting potential faults on a rotor of a centrifugal compressor.


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