A Novel Method for Implementing of Time-of-use to Improve the Performance of Electric Distribution Systems: A Case Study


1 Electrical Engineering, Yazd University

2 Electrical Eng., Yazd University


Increased electric energy consumption in recent years, associated economic problems, reduced reliability and increased power losses in electric networks. One of the main solutions in smart grids to overcome the mentioned problems is demand response programs. In demand response programs, operators apply time-varying tariffs to consumers, and convince them to change their consumption pattern. Among the demand response programs, the most effective program for subscribers who receive electricity at fixed price is time-of-use (TOU) pricing. This paper offers a new approach to implementing TOU program, which is determining the scheduling and pricing of TOU tariff simultaneously taking into account the objectives of smoothing the load profile, reducing the losses and energy not supplied. The proposed method is simulated in MATLAB, and has been evaluated on an urban distribution network in Yazd Electrical Distribution Company (YEDC) that feeds 35 distribution transformers (20/0.4kV) through a radial feeder. Results show that implementation of this method has only a minor increase in cost and reduction in consumption for subscribers, and makes load profile more smooth, improve reliability and reduce power losses.