Active Noise Cancellation using Online Wavelet Based Control System: Numerical and Experimental Study


aerospace engineering, K. N. Toosi university of technology


Reaction wheels (RWs) used for attitude control of space vehicle systems usually encounter with undesired wide band noises. These noises which significantly affect the performance of regulator controller must tune the review or review rate of RWs. According to wide frequency band of noises in RWs the common approaches of noise cancellation cannot conveniently reduce the effects of the noise. Therefore, the advanced analyzer of frequency domain signal processing such as wavelets must be used to realize the noise cancellation. In this regards, only the online application of wavelets can be practical. In this paper, an online active noise canceller based on online wavelet theory is employed to omit the effects of undesired noise. In this way, dynamic identification of a RW as well as wavelet delay compensation are used simultaneously to design an active noise cancellation system. Numerical and experimental investigations of KNTU test setup as a hard ware in the loop system show the preferences of the proposed method of online noise cancellation.