Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation and Experimental Validation of Hydraulic Performance of a Vertical Suspended API Pump (RESEARCH NOTE)


1 Mechanical Engineering, PETCO

2 Mechanical Engineering, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University


For a long period of time, design and manufacturing technology of high flow rated vertically suspended pumps (VSPs) which have an extensive applications in many industries such as water and wastewater, mining, petrochemical and oil and gas industries, used to be imported from European countries. For the first time in Iran's pump industry, with the support of Ministry of Petrochemical[ah1]  and great effort of Iranian experts, VS1-1200.1300 API pump with a flow rate of 10330 m3/h was designed, manufactured and tested successfully. This pump is now installed in Persian Gulf Star Oil Refinery. The main purpose of this research is computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis of VS1-1200.1300 pump. Based on the requirement, hydraulic profile of impeller and diffuser blades were extracted from CFTurbo software, 3D mechanical model designed in Catia software and CFD analysis carried out using ANSYS-FLUENT software based on realizable k-e turbulent model and SIMPLEC algorithm for different flow rates. Experimental performance tests were carried out on manufactured VS1 pump for 6 different flow rates and the results were compared with numerical ones. The outcomes illustrated good agreement of experimental and numerical data even in high flow rates which expand the understanding of the flow in this type of pump, guide design optimizations and provide a basis to investigate flow in more vertical pumps.