Removal of Fe2+ from Aqueous Solution Using Manganese Oxide Coated Zeolite and Iron Oxide Coated Zeolite


1 Department of Environmental Health Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science

2 Department of Environmental Health Engineering, Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences


The adsorption of Fe2+ by the manganese oxide coated zeolite (MOCZ) and iron oxide coated zeolite (FOCZ) was studied. Surface properties of adsorbents have been investigated for monitoring their changes and morphology for both of the MOCZ and FOCZ. Main variables namely; contact time, pH, initial concentration of Fe2+, size and dosage of adsorbent have been optimized, and the results contrasted with isotherm and kinetic models for finding best fit. The best fit of the adsorption isotherms was obtained using the Langmuir model (R2=0.96 and 0.92) using MOCZ and FOCZ. The rates of adsorption were found to conform to the pseudo-second-order kinetic with a good correlation (R2=0.98 and 0.82 for MOCZ and FOCZ, respectively). The results indicated that MOCZ has good ability (80% removal of Fe2+) for the removal of Fe from water. The MOCZ exhibited the porous structure with high surface area rather than FOCZ, and the percentage removal of Fe2+ by MOCZ was better than FOCZ.