Designing a Reliable Distribution Network with Facility Fortification and Transshipment under Partial and Complete Disruptions


1 Department of Industrial Engineering, University of science and technology of mazandaran

2 Industrial Engineering, University of Tehran

3 School of Industrial Engineering, College of Engi, University of Tehran


This paper designs a reliability distribution network with limited capacity under partial and complete facility disruptions. To increase the reliability of the distribution network, a new mixed integer linear programing model is developed by considering multiple mitigation strategies including diversification, fortification, and transshipment. The distribution network constitutes of reliable distribution centers are more expensive, always available and not affected by disruption, and unreliable distribution centers. Thus, they might be fortified at any level of reliability. Several numerical examples with sensitivity analyses are conducted to illustrate the usefulness of the proposed model. Results demonstrate that the transshipment strategy is more effective than the other mitigation strategies on distribution network reliability and cost.