Microscopic Structures Analysis and Experimental Research of Beak


1 College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Northwest A&F University

2 College of Agricultural Equipment Engineering , Henan University of Science and Technology

3 College of Agricultural Engineering, Henan University of Science and Technology


To reveal the mechanism of the easy discretization and low damage in kernel dispersal, this paper analyzes the microscopic analysis of beak structures and finds that maxillary outside cells of the beak are dense and hard. Besides, the cuticle wrapping on maxilla of chicken's beak can reduce corn kernels damage in the discrete process of ear. From force test of corn ear, we find that value of x direction is the maximum, second in the y direction, and the value of z direction is the minimum. With reducing of water rate, the forces in three directions all decline. A 3D scanner is used to collect point-cloud data of rooster beak. Based on the point-cloud data, a roller is designed. Then the working process of discrete roller is analyzed. This research can provide a conference for developing a corn thresher.