Numerical Prediction of Stator Diameter Effect on the Output Torque of Ultrasonic Traveling-wave Motor, using Finite Elements Simulation


1 Engineering, university of Esfahan

2 Mechanical Engineering, Islamic Azad University of Khomeinishahr


Nowadays, piezoelectric materials have wide applications in various industries. Therefore, investigation of these materials and their applications has a special importance. In this paper first, the natural frequencies of a traveling-wave piezoelectric motor are achieved, using finite elements simulations. Then, applying an alternative electrical voltage to the piezoelectric ring, a traveling wave is generated in the stator, and the stability, damping effects, and characteristics of the traveling wave are studied. Additionally, the output torque and rotational speed of the motor are obtained and validated by experimental values. Finally, the stator diameter is increased and its effects on the output torque and rotational speed are inspected. The results reveal that the output torque and maximum rotational speed of the enlarged motor respectively increases and decreases.