Assessment of Mechanical Properties of Concrete Containing Granite Slurry Waste (TECHNICAL NOTE)


1 Civil Engineering Department, College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur




The granite stone is the most widely used in the construction and granite slurry is generated through cutting and polishing of the stone. Granite slurry is waste material consisting of very fine powder and creats disposal and environmental problems in worldwide today. Disposal of granite waste leads to health hazards like respiratory and allergy problems to the people around. It also causes the pollution of air and water. Concrete is the most widely used construction material and innovation in ingredient material (cement and coarse aggregate) is urgently needed. The replacement of natural resources in the production of cement is an important issue in the present construction scenario. Also, the cement industry is one of the principal producers of carbon dioxides. Utilization of granite slurry waste in concrete can solve many problems related to waste generation, reduction in the consumption of natural resources and CO2 emission. Systematic experimental study has been carried out using granite slurry waste in place of cement at various replacement levels. This study has been carried out for w/c 0.5 and 0.4. Specimens have been cast to perform compressive strength test and flexural strength test. It has been shown that inclusion of granite slurry modifies the compressive strength and maximum strength has been obtained depending upon replacement level and w/c ratio. Flexural strength is also influenced by the addition of granite slurry waste in a similar way. These replacement studies demonstrate that the granite slurry concrete will be economically cheaper and more sustainable.