Towards an Analytical Model for Film Cooling Prediction using Integral Turbulent Boundary layer


1 Mechanical Engineering, Amity University Uttar Pradesh Noida

2 Mechanical Engineering , Amity University Uttar Pradesh Noida

3 Mechanical Engineering, Amity University Uttar Pradesh Noida India


The objective of this work is to develop deep theoretical methods that are based on the solution of the integral boundary layer equations for investigating film cooling in liquid rocket engine. The integral model assumes that heat is transferred from hot free stream gas to the liquid film both by convection and radiation. The mass is transferred to the free srteam gas by the well-known blowing process. Downstream of the liquid film, the gas effectiveness is obtained by solving boundary layer integral equations. It incorporates a differential model for calorimeter mixing between liquid vapors in the boundary layer with the free stream gas entrained in the boundary layer. Comparisons with existing theoretical and experimental results indicate the film coating trends were well predicted by the present integral model proposed by us.