Numerical Study on Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer Characteristics Around a Cylinder with Inclined Splitter Plates


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tabriz


In the current paper, the effect of length and angle of a splitter plate on hydro-thermal field in a range of Reynolds number from 40 to 1000 are numerically studied by solving the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations. For discretization of governing equations, PISO algorithm was imposed to segregate the pressure-velocity coupled equations, and second-order upwind discretization scheme was applied for momentum and energy values. A convergence criterion was set to 10-6.  The influence of splitter plate attachment on the fluctuating drag forces, vortex shedding and heat transfer behavior was investigated. It was found that the drag force decreases as the splitter plate elongates and the vortices vanish. The average Nusselt number rises with increasing the angle of splitter plate. A reduction in drag force was observed at about 25º. The overall heat transfer increased due to surface enlargement resulting from the splitter plate. In addition, it was seen that by increasing the plate angle up to 25º the outflow temperature grows.