Implementation of Control Variables to Exploit Output Power for SRGs in Single Pulse Mode Operation


EEE Department, SSCE


This paper presents an analytical modeling method of optimal control variables to maximize output power for switched reluctance generators (SRGs) in single pulse mode operation. This method extends the basic theory of the Stiebler model and utilizes the flux linkage function to express the inductance model of SRG. In this paper, the optimal phase current shape of SRG for maximum output power is investigated to determine optimal control variables based on phase current model. The expression of phase current in this paper that is in terms of control variables is solved using the basic equation of phase voltage based on inductance model, and then the characteristics of phase current and the energy conversion relations are analyzed to determine optimal shape of phase current. Furthermore, the expressions of phase flux linkage, rms phase current, and phase torque based on the proposed phase current model are presented in this paper to know the trend of main electrical losses. Results from analysis show that the switched reluctance generator with the optimal control variables can produce maximum output power and the shape of phase current in this case is flat top. Simulation and experimental results are presented to verify the proposed method.