Experimental Modeling of a Long Orifice-type Restrictor of High Speed Turbine Hybrid Bearing


1 , Xi’an Aerospace Propulsion Institute

2 School of Automation, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications


To overcome the space limit of orifice-type and capillary restrictors in hybrid bearings, a kind of atypical long orifice-type restrictor is proposed and its experimental model is established. Through the analysis of the structure and flow rate of orifice-type restrictor and capillary restrictor, a long orifice-type restrictor and a feasible experimental modeling method are presented by use of orifice plate instead of the whole bearing. The flow rate of water film restrictors are tested under the aspect ratio of 4-10 and the pressure difference of 1.5-5.5MPa and the experimental model of long orifice-type restrictor is established. The result shows that the restrictor of atypical structures needs to be modeled by experiment. The flow discipline of atypical restrictor is approximate to typical orifice-type restrictor and the throttling model is a nearly turbulent model.