Novel Automated Method for Minirhizotron Image Analysis: Root Detection using Curvelet Transform


1 Department of Electrical Eng and Information Techn, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Tech

2 Electrical Eng, QIAU


In this article a new method is introduced for distinguishing roots and background based on their digital curvelet transform in minirhizotron images. In the proposed method, the nonlinear mapping is applied on sub-band curvelet components followed by boundary detection using energy optimization concept. The curvelet transform has the excellent capability in detecting roots with different orientations and contrasts, thanks to its better sparse representation and more directionality feature than existing approaches. Furthermore adapting the parameters of the mapping function due to curvelet coefficients is very beneficial for magnifying weak ridges as well as better compatibility with different minirhizotron images. Performance of the proposed method is evaluated on several minirhizotron images in two different scenarios. In the first scenario, images contain several roots while the second scenario belongs to no-root images, which increases the chance of false detections. The obtained results show the greater ability of the proposed method in characterizing roots in minirhizotron images compared to some alternative algorithms. Furthermore it is shown that better characterization of roots by proposed algorithm does not lead to extract more false objects compared to the results of the other examined algorithms.