Laminar Flame Speed Prediction in Lean Mixture of Aluminum Dust Clouds by Considering the Effect of Random Distribution of Particles in Two-dimension


1 Mecanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST)

2 Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology


        In the present study, the effect of random distribution of reactants and products on laminar, 2D and steady-state flame propagation in aluminium particles has been investigated. The equations are solved only for lean mixture. The flame structure is assumed to consist of a preheat zone, a reaction zone and a post flame zone. It is presumed that in the preheat zone particles are heated and reaction does not exists. Then energy conservation equations of laminar flame had been solved two-dimensionally for different zones and algebraic equations of flame speed are obtained then a code was developed for modeling random situation of the combustion. Finally gas temperature distribution in different flame zones in the channel and also flame speed changes in terms of particles diameter, equivalence ratio, and channel width in random media are presented and compared with previous experimental and theoretical results. The gained results show a reasonable compatibility with the existed theories and experimental data