Effects of Material and Geometrical Parameters on the Free Vibration of Sandwich Beams


1 Mechanic, Faculty of Technologyuniversity of Biskra, Algeria

2 Mechanic, Faculty of Technology, University of Laghouat, Algeria


The aim of present study is to investigate the effect of various parameters such as length, thickness, density, shear modulus of the core and Young modulus of skins for various boundary conditions:  clamped-free and simply supported. By applying the model of Khalili et al for frees vibration analysis of sandwich beams by using finite element methods. Where, the core density is taken on consideration. The flexural vibrations of beams are analyzed by the finite element method, using the stiffness and mass matrix of beam element with three degrees of freedom per node. The three first natural frequencies are calculated by using Matlab commercial software. A comparison is established between three different lengths for each configuration. There is a good agreement between the results obtained by the present study with the results obtained by Khalili et al.