Design and Implementation of a Constant Frequency Sliding Mode Controller for a Luo Converter


1 Faculity of Engineering, Shahrekord Univercity

2 Faculity of Engineering, University of Isfahan


In this study, a robust controller for voltage regulation of the POESLL converter worked in continuous conduction mode is presented. POESLL converter is a DC/DC converter with a high voltage gain. DC/DC converters are used in telecommunication systems, power sources and industrial applications. Owing to the switching operation, the structure of the POESLL converter is highly non-linear. In addition, because of the load and input voltage variations, its structure is time-varying.  In order to improve the performance and regulate the output voltage, a non-linear controller is needed. This controller is developed based on constant frequency sliding mode method. The sliding mode controllers can cope with the non-linear and time-varying structure of the DC/DC converters. The performance of the proposed controller is studied in PSIM software. A laboratory model of the proposed controller has been implemented. In this paper, design, simulations and practical results are presented to show the effective performance of the proposed controller for voltage regulation of the POESLL converter.