Evaluation of Coal Waste Ash and Rice Husk Ash on Properties of Pervious Concrete Pavement


1 civil engineering, semnan university

2 Faculty of Civil Engineering, Semnan University


The use of pervious concrete has been significantly considered in recent years. This consideration is due to the properties of pervious concrete in relating to the environmental sustainability that is utilized in the effective management of the runoff from rainfall. Coal extraction and rice husk obtained from milling, produces wastes that have no application and followed by environmental pollution. The purpose of the current research, is to evaluate of the effects of coal waste ash (CWA) and rice husk ash (RHA) and to compare between the mechanical properties of pervious concrete pavement. Therefore, both of these wastes were burned and after that XRF testing it was observed that they both achieve Pozzolanic properties. In order to strengthen pozzolanic cement paste has been used CWA and RHA as a cement replacement in concrete mixtures. The results indicated that the addition of RHA and CWA improved the mechanical properties of pervious concrete, however the optimum percentage is dramatically varying. Among these, the effectiveness of CWA is more significant compared to RHA. By increasing the amount of CWA and RHA to the optimum level, the permeability of the pervious concrete will decrease simultaneously. Meanwhile, after the optimum level, it will be reversed.