High-Performance Robust Three-Axis Finite-Time Attitude Control Approach Incorporating Quaternion Based Estimation Scheme to Overactuated Spacecraft


Electrical Engineering, Azad University


With a focus on investigations in the area of overactuated spacecraft, a new high-performance robust three-axis finite-time attitude control approach, which is organized in connection with the quaternion based estimation scheme is proposed in the present research with respect to state-of-the-art. The approach proposed here is realized based upon double closed loops to deal with the angular rates of the system, in the inner loop, and also the rotational angles of the system in line with the corresponding quaternion, in the outer loop, synchronously. With this goal, a combination of the linear and its non-linear terms through the sliding mode control approach and also the proportional derivative based linear quadratic regulator control approach is organized. There is the white measurement noise to be realized the outcomes in such real situations, where it is coped with through the optimal estimation scheme to be designed, correspondingly. The investigated results are organized with regard to the pulse modulation synthesis through the technique of the pulse width pulse frequency to manage a set of on-off reaction thrusters, as long as the control allocation is employed to handle the aforementioned overactuated system under control. The effectiveness of the approach investigated is finally considered in line with a series of the experiments to be tangibly verified.